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September 2008
FC S Trust-Plaza Commodity Fund-[Rogers International Commodity IndexR] was launched.
June 2008
FC S Trust Asia Resources Fund was launched.
FC T Trust - Tai Fook Chinese Government Policy Fund was launched.
Phillip-Aizawa Trust Indonesia Fund was launched.
Fund Creation RM Co., Ltd. was established.
June, 2007
FC T Trust - Tai Fook-Aizawa China Number One Fund was launched.
May, 2007
MFMCP-Aizawa Trust Philippine Fund was launched.
April, 2007
Shenyin Wanguo-Aizawa China A-Share Fund No.3 was launched.
January, 2007
Phillip-Aizawa Trust Thai Fund was launched.
October 27, 2006
Fund Creation Co.,Ltd. was listed on the JASDAQ.
October, 2006
Pheim-Aizawa Trust Vietnam Fund was launched.